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About Our Marijuana Seeds Breed

Our seedbank was established in 1994 in Amsterdam, Netherlands to preserve and enhance original cannabis seeds genetics from Himalayas, Thailand and Afghanistan. At our breeding farm operated by the best Dutch genetics crossing enthusiasts with years of breeding experience, we successfully combine high quality of produced marijuana seeds with affordable farm prices. Because we produce our cannabis seeds ourselves, we guarantee 90% germination rate on all our strains if you follow our germination guide.

Breeding marijuanaThe marijuana seeds strains available for online order in our shop are produced in Noord Amsterdam, by breeding masters and creators of such famous Cannabis Cup winners like White widow, Big Bud and Caramelicious Marijuana Seeds strains. The rest of our offer includes over 40 popular varieties of marijuana seeds strains. We carry classic old timers like Afghan or Durban Poison, potent fast flowering pure indicas like Ganja Dwarf (Lowrider/Lowryder), mind blowing original sativas from Africa and new acclimatized sativa crosses, as well as a broad spectrum of modern hybrids breed for yield, potency and pest resistance. Choose among high thc content sativa, indica marijuana strains for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Many of our cannabis seeds strains have won numerous Cannabis Cups in categories of hydroponics, soil and mixes growing, winners include prizes for outstanding yields, improved cannabis genetic stability, highest marijuana seeds germination rates, yield per square meter, thc potency and overall plant trichome coverage.

A huge group of satisfied, returning customers from all around the world honour us with their trust in quality of the cannabis seeds we deliver. Growing demand of premium AMS marijuana seeds and our proven and secure seed delivery services ensures we keep our new customers happy. Choose to order your marijuana seeds pack with us because of high customer satisfaction, discreet packaging, ordering privacy protection, worldwide delivery, low affordable seed prices and 90% germination rate, variety of payment options including secure https ssl credit card payments, helpful customer support, simplified ordering and order tracking and 48 hours shipping.

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