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Germinating cannabis seeds - the easy and successful procedure

Common germination mistakes

Marijuana seeds require moisture, warmth and darkness during first 48 hours of presoaking for successful germination. Use clean tap or even better destilled water.

For best germination results, put your marijuana seeds on clean soaked paper towel, room temperature water. Cover the cannabis seeds with a layer of soaked paper towel. The seeds should be left to soak in a dark warm place (65 - 80 degrees F or 18.5 C - 26.5 C). Check your cannabis seeds for sprouts about every 12 hours. If the paper towels dries a little spray with water to keep it moist.

Usually within 48 hours marijuana seeds swell and crack their outer seed shell. This is the moment when seeds start to require oxygen so make sure you allow air to reach the cannabis seeds. After the white, initial roots are visible at the crack the seeds are ready to plant in soil. Further soaking of the cracked marijuana seeds can result in root damage.

Plant your freshly germinated cannabis seeds in a clean, pH balanced soil or other medium. The medium should be loose and light with very good drainage. The marijuana seeds should be planted about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep in containers at least 4 inches deep to allow the initial tap root to grow straight up, yes that is the right direction for germinated seeds. The container should have drainage holes to prevent drowning the seeding. Keep the planted cannabis seeds in a pot covered with clear plastic to keep the high moisture level. Put them under 100W horticulture lamp and watch for cannabis sprouts comming out the medium. Once the cannabis sprouts have cleared the soil surface remove the plastic moisture cover.

There are some marijuana seeds strains like pure sativas or varieties originating in Africa that will not germinate at room temperature, but will require temperature of 90 degrees, about 20 degrees higher than room temperature to germinate.

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