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How To Maintain Grow Room Humidity and Temperature

Marijuana seeds require a consistent temperature that doesn't fluctuate to crazily to produce healthy cannabis plants. What temperature do marijuana plants prefer?

Daytime conditions (ie when the lights are on) should be 70-80F without co2. Maintaining the temperature in this range won't stress marijuana plants. Avoid dramatic swings in temperature.

Even when the lights are off (ie night time).
Night temperatures should be kept above 60F to prevent marijuana plant stress. During the marijuana flowering phase drop the temperature further to stimulate flowering hormones and reduce stem elongation. Low humidity causes stress on marijuana plants.

It's recommend 50-60% humidity until the final two weeks of marijuana flowering. At this point, the humidity should be lowered as much as possible to encourage the plant to seal and protect itself with additional resin.

By dropping both the temperature and humidity in the final two weeks of marijuana flower will convince the cannabis plant fall is over and winter is any day now.

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