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Hydroponic Marijuana Growing

Before growing marijuana using hydroponics it's best to learn how to grow marijuana first in soil. Soil is a more forgiving medium. Allowing first time marijuana growers an opportunity to make a few mistakes with such things as marijuana fertilizers while still harvesting some marijuana buds. With hydroponic marijuana growing one mistake and the whole marijuana crop may fail. It's very important that you learn how to grow marijuana before attempting a hydroponic marijuana grow.

Going from growing marijuana in soil to growing marijuana in hydroponics will increase yields and bring down marijuana flowering time. Hydroponically grown cannabis finishes marijuana flower quicker than weed grown in soil. The marijuana plant grown in hydroponics is healthier and stronger producing plenty amount of bud.

Hydroponics is the method of cultivating marijuana plants without using soil. The marijuana plants are grown in a non-nutritive medium, such as gravel or sand, or in lightweight, man-made materials such as perlite, vermiculite (a mineral-mica nutrient base), or Styrofoam. Marijuana fertilizers are supplied to the cannabis plants in one of two ways: either by soluble marijuana fertilizers that are dissolved in water, or by time-release fertilizers that are mixed into the medium.

Marijuana plants can be grown more conveniently in smaller containers using hydroponics. And, because there is no messing about with soil, the whole hydroponic operation is easier, cleaner, and much less bothersome than it would be with conventional marijuana growing techniques.

Most hydroponic systems fall into one of two broad categories: passive and active. Passive systems, such as reservoir or wick setups, depend on the molecular action inherent in the wick or in the medium to make water available to the plant. Active systems, which include the flood, recirculating drip, and aerated water systems, use a pump to send nourishment to the plant.

Purchase a small hydroponic kit that can hold 4 - 10 marijuana plants. Simply replace your soil space with the hydroponic kit. Kits are affordable and easy to assemble. Use the same high intensity discharge bulb.

Important tips to remember when growing marijuana with hydroponics.

The roots must remain moist at all times along while avoiding direct exposure to light. Healthy roots in a hydroponic setup are critical to growing the best marijuana.

Optimum pH range for marijuana growing is 6.3 - 6.5. Pay close attention to the pH balance of the marijuana nutrients in reservoir. Marijuana plants will grow in pH range of 5.5 to 6.3, but its best to stay within the 6.3 - 6.5 range. Use pH up or down to maintain the proper range.

Change the reservoir every 10 days. Replacing the reservoir is important. Adding the proper marijuana fertilizers when replacing the water is critical to your cannabis plants success. Use the right marijuana fertilizers according to the marijuana plants growth phase. Marijuana plants in the vegetative phase require plenty of nitrogen fertilizers. Always follow the directions and develop a routine when adding marijuana fertilizers.

Experience growing marijuana in soil will help you greatly when it comes to determining how much marijuana fertilizer to use. Unlike soil, marijuana fertilizers in hydroponic growing systems will not be as forgiving. Making a mistake with the fertilizer formula can kill the marijuana plant quickly. It's very important to properly mix marijuana fertilizer with a hydroponic grow op. Pay close attention to the pH balance and the parts per million or PPM.

During the vegetative phase marijuana plants need more Nitrate. Marijuana plants in the flowering phase require more Potash. Remember when using marijuana fertilizers less is always more. However too little marijuana fertilizers using a hydroponic grow op will cause serious plant deficiencies or death. Too much marijuana fertilizer and marijuana plants will die or burn. It's very important to properly balance both the pH and the PPM when adding marijuana fertilizers to hydroponic grow setup.

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