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Marijuana seeds vs propagation via clones

Clones have their advantages, but they can also be problematic. The obvious advantage of growing from clones is that you're guaranteed to have an all female grow room. Clones will be virtually identical to their source female, so sativa/indica ratio and all other cannabis characteristics including potency will be also the same.

Making the cutThe problems with clones: they are difficult to get, successive generations of clones lose vigor, they can carry diseases and insects. Growers tell horror stories of spider mites traveling on clones from grow room to grow room, killing everybody's crop.

Clonning is fine when you start with seeds and than start clonning the best female of your first generation of plants. Starting with clones is a bad idea because you just might have gotten the tenth generation no vigour clone. And you'll be unable to tell if it has the vigour and strenght it should. To be sure your clones are the best possible fresh and strong first generation start with seeds. Buy your marijuana seeds for an easier start with the growing info and support you will get.

Security of clones: You don't really want somebody to know about your grow, but the person who gave you clones in first place knows already. You do not want to drive your clones from the place you got them. On the other hand ordering and receiving marijuana seeds is discreet and stealth, you get a plain package and nobody knows what is inside. Keep the fact you are growing in secret and you'll be safe.

Choose your marijuana seeds strain carefully, for desired growing properties and high/stone effect, take a look at our bestsellers:

Yoruba Nigeria Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 25.00
Yoruba Nigeria

A pure strain from darkest Africa "the original". Africa always produces amazing strains this one is special because it has not been crossed with other strains. It has a very hash like taste and nice high.
High: An immediate rush! Hold it a sec, while my brain is telling my eyes to go on ahead! A nice chilled calm befalls you yet you feel active in odd moments.
Yeld: 350 gr/m2

Details: Yoruba Nigeria Marijuana Seeds
Ganja Dwarf (Lowrider/Lowryder) Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 25.00
Ganja Dwarf (Lowrider/Lowryder) Marijuana Seeds

Ganja Dwarf (Lowrider/Lowryder) is a crossbreed of a powerful indica and the characteristic properties of the mexican ruderalis plant. Ruderalis is a so called auto-flowering plant, which immediately starts flowering after germination, even exposed to 24 hours of light.
High: It hits rather quickly, after the first or second toke it makes you feel sort of tired and relaxed. It's more like a post-orgasmic chill, rather than the tiredness after a physical work.
Yeld: up to 100 gr/m2

Details: Ganja Dwarf (Lowrider/Lowryder) Marijuana Seeds
White Widow Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 50.00
White Widow

The most rewarded variety of recent years in Holland. The plants are white of THC-glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves.
Taste: The flavour is refreshing and “cool” to the taste. There is a strong “burn” to this one when you smoke a big pipe or bong hit. If you can withstand the expansion of your lungs while you fight to hold it down, you’ve won the battle!
High: Great high: sharp and strong. Very quick hitting and a good combo of body high with a bit of uplifting high thrown in for good measure.
Yeld: 150-250 gr/m2

Details: White Widow Marijuana Seeds

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