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Cannaphrodisiac a.k.a. White Wolf Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Cannaphrodisiac a.k.a. White Wolf Feminized cannabis seeds - marijuana seeds strain details

White Wolf is an indica-sativa hybrid strain of cannabis, which was made by combining a Super Skunk with a Brazilian and a South Indian cannabis strain. White Wolf is the first prize winner of the BIO High Times Cannabis Cup of the year 1997 and the first prize winner of the High Life Cup in the year 2005. White Wolf cannabis is moderately easy to cultivate, so you can also buy White Wolf seeds and cultivate them being a beginner cannabis grower.

White Wolf cannabis can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. White Wolf doesn't mind being grown in greenhouses or in hydroponics setups either. When you buy your White Wolf seeds, you can put them almost anywhere.

If you are planning on growing your White Wolf marijuana indoors, you can safely assume that you will have a lovely crop within eight or nine weeks of flowering. White Wolf can get sweeter and even more covered in resin by letting your White Wolf plants grow for just a week or so longer.White Wolf cannabis grown outdoors will be ready for harvesting around September.

The colas of the White Wolf cannabis plant are thick and dense and absolutely covered in gorgeous orange hairs and have a nice light green color. White Wolf cannabis plants are definitely not small plants, it grows more like a medium tall size. White Wolf cannabis plants have lovely pointy green leaves, which are covered in resin and big strong stems.

White Wolf cannabis has a very high yield, resulting from White Wolfs intensely huge colas. The amount of buds that come of the White Wolf cannabis plant is just amazing.

The buds of the White Wolf cannabis plant are immensely sticky and very solid. White Wolf has a fragrance that combines flowers and fruits together, a stunning exotic aroma that fills your nostrils with delight, like a mango honey skunk type smell. White Wolf cannabis has a tendency to taste very skunky. The buzz of the White Wolf buds is a very strong one, it has even been called seductive on several occasions. The mighty White Wolf is definitely as strong as the name suggests.

Note: All cannabis varieties have the capability of making male flowers on 100% female plants. This phenomenon also appilies to Cannaphrodisiac a.k.a. White Wolf Feminized cannabis, especially under strong stress factors caused by different growing techniques. cannot and will not take responsibility of such cultivation implicated male occurrences.

Strain detailed information:

Quantity: 10 seeds
Type: indica
Climate: indoor - outdoor
Yield: 500 gram m2
Height: 40 - 80 cm
Flowering period: 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest: september
Stoned or High: howlin as a wolf
THC level: 15% - 17,5%
Grow Difficulty: easy - moderate

Cannaphrodisiac a.k.a. White Wolf Feminized Buds
How to select the right marijuana seeds strain for you

Take into consideration: marijuana seeds strain grow difficulty level should match your growing skills, avoid cannabis seeds marked difficult if you are a newbie grower. Remember, indoor cannabis strains grow significantly better indoors, sativa cannabis seeds strains grow into high plants. Also plan for desired stone/high effect, read on to learn the difference.

Sativa vs indica marijuana strains high/stone effects

Indicas induce heavier, sleepy type of high, ideal for total body relax and pain relief. Indica marijuana seeds strains will grow shorter and bud faster. Sativas give cerebral, soaring type of creative high, more energetic and active. Sativa cannabis seeds strains will grow higher plants and take longer to bud.

Indoor Marijuana Seeds Strains vs Outdoor Varieties

For outdoor marijuana cultivation choose among outdoor marijuana seeds strains. Modern seeds varieties are bred with high level of specialization, so use an outdoor genetics of marijuana seeds for better acclimatization, top pest resistance and max natural sunlight absorption. Growing indoors? Buy an indoor marijuana seeds genetics for short plants, more than average yields, short growing/flowering period.

Why order your cannabis seeds with us?

We work hard on quality of our cannabis seeds genetics and worldwide delivery services. Buy with us because of: 90% seed germination rate, world wide delivery, discreet packaging, affordable prices, easy ordering process, order tracking, same day shipping, secure credit card payments and friendly helpdesk!

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