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Master Kush marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVE

Master Kush is one of the most well-known marijuana strains in the world. Master Kush is a Skunk 1 crossed with an Afghani marijuana. She delivers a physically powerful skunk taste and smell. Master Kush is particularly developed for Skunk lover. Produces a very enjoyable high as well with a small body to it. Master Kush been develop for first time marijuana growers. I'm overly excited as I'm sure you can tell and as I'm sure most other noobs like me are. I've never grown before but I bought my first grow book 15 years go! I've read 1000s of pages and I can tell you I've read a lot of problems people have and just the overall work involved in draining your tank adjusting your pH etc.

Marijuana Seeds : Master Kush
Lights - 6 23w CFL bulbs
Fans - 8 inch fan
Homemade Self Contained Grow Chamber

Who doesn't like kush marijuana strains? I love kush marijuana. Instead of growing Hindu Kush, OG Kush or Purple Kush I decided I would go with Master Kush. This is my first time growing marijuana and I wanted marijuana seeds that would be easy to work with. I read on forums that Master Kush was easy to grow because it's a vigorous marijuana plant. It's a really stable marijuana strain with few surprises. It's a winner of the 1992 High Times Cannabis Cup.


I have created a marijuana grow chamber out of an old wardrobe. I have installed two rods, one up either side. I will clip my LED marijuana grow lights on the rods. The rods will make them easy to adjust as my marijuana seeds grow in height. I also intend to add more LED grow lights, possibly the UFO marijuana grow light. This is my first marijuana grow so I'm not sure. Possibly high intensity discharge like an HPS or maybe just add some warmer CFL lights. The room can handle more lights that will penetrate nice and deep into the marijuana plant. The growing medium is a good potting soil plus about 20% perlite. Total cost to build my marijuana grow closet is less than $200. I purchased 10 Master Kush marijuana seeds from They arrived safe and secure. I was very happy with their stealth shipping. I germinated 10 marijuana seeds. I don't use the paper towel method, just soak for 24 hours then straight in the soil.

Master Kush marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVEDay 3
My marijuana seeds are two days old and have already sprouted beautifully. I have my CFL lights as close as I think is required for good vegetative growth. I am really happy with them so far, even the one not doing so good has pulled through. Happy with the colour and lack of marijuana plant stretch. I plan to veg them until they get to 2 feet tall then switch to flower. The next question is when to transplant. I am thinking in a week or 2. They are getting watered every other day. Temp is good, averaging 80 degrees with 45 - 50 % humidity.

Day 15
The marijuana plants look well for 15 days in. There are several brackets. The plants are stiff. The CFL lights appear to be at the right height. I'm adjusting them incrementally. Really happy for two weeks in. Look at the dark indica marijuana leaves. Beautiful. Got it at a constant 80 degrees with 50% humidity by having a couple of small dishes of water.
Lets hope all my marijuana seeds females. Today I gave my plants a full strength feed. Using two parts marijuana fertilizer. I'll skimp and cut corners on grow equipment, but when it comes to marijuana plant food I always buy the best stuff.

Master Kush marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVEDay 19
I was thinking maybe the pot size I planted my cannabis seeds in are too small. I read, you should at least have 4 inches of root space for a seedling. Maybe 5 inches. The taproot goes all the down, then makes a 90 degree turn, and runs along the bottom of the pots. Stunting their growth.
My seeds are doing very well, but I wonder if they could do better with bigger pots. Makes me think. Excellent growth from the marijuana plant food.

Master Kush marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVEDay 22
The CFL for vegetative marijuana growth appears to be working awesome. I will begin thinking of switching to UFO marijuana grow lights or HPS. Both those are great for marijuana flowering. I'll probably switch to marijuana flowering in less than ten days. The yield using CFL lights will be much less. HPS is the best, with the UFO grow light coming in a close second.

Master Kush marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVEDay 25
Did another feed today. I use a PPM and PH meter to ensure my measurements. Don't skimp on a meter. I'll feed one more time using my vegetative marijuana fertilizer. The results are unreal. Very impressive. The plants are good and hardy. Ready to hold the coming weight from marijuana buds.

Master Kush marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVEDay 31
Final feed was yesterday. Today I bought a timer and will begin to switch the lights to 12/12. I also decided to purchase two UFO marijuana grow lights. I went with these because I can use them again when I'm done growing Master Kush. Unlike High Pressure Sodium lights that can only be use during marijuana flowering. Another advantage is UFO marijuana lights give off very little heat.


Master Kush marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVE
Master Kush marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: FLOWERING
Master Kush marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: HARVEST

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