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How to buy marijuana seeds safely

How to create amazing new marijuana seeds strains with a discerning palate, careful selection and some hard work.

Purchasing Cannabis Seeds is not allowed in many countries, please check your laws before proceeding with your marijuana seeds order. Our tips will help you to stay on a safe side. Buying cannabis seeds online does have some risks, we hope our Tips can help you minimize them.

There are ways that can help to protect your privacy and allow you to make your cannabis seeds order safely. We have listed some of the most common concerns and pitfalls here.

Cannabis Seeds Buying Tips

Keep YOUR Marijuana Seeds order a Secret! This applies to your online and offline activities. Don't tell anyone is the most important rule to follow!

Use a business credit card with a business address when ordering cannabis seeds online. It gets delivered with minimum risks to anyone. Most firms have discreet CC billing information for our convenience.

Credit Card Information has become much more secure online. Many of cannabis seeds vendors destroy your payment information immediately after your order has been processed. Still scared? Use a Pre-paid Visa card, Bank Transfer, or Cash.

Shipping to a real name at the address is also cruicial. The mailman knows whether someone lives at an address or not. Make it deliverable. Usually the cannabis seeds deliveries are very stealth.

Never ship to a place where you prefer ZERO information exists on that address tied to you or your activities. DO NOT SHIP to your growing address.

Always use a public email address on your marijuana seeds ordering form. Your emails are saved somewhere. Use a public email (not business email) whenever dealing with your operation or it's services. Be smart.

Send your cannabis seeds package to someone or an address completely unrelated to you. A girlfriend, sister, friend or business. They do not need to know what it is, just that you have something being mailed to them for you. Our breeders ship discreetly and stealthly.

Never have your cannabis seeds parcel delivered requiring a signature. Need we say more here? If a must have sb else to sign it.

Be Patient, many international shipments take longer than most people are used to. Give it some time before you start calling your marijuana seeds vendor and complaining. Remember what you're ordering here.

Break-up larger cannabis seeds orders over numerous trusted vendors. This allows any postal loss to be a small one. If you have ever lost an order, you'll be glad you did this.

Buying female marijuana seeds is a good option for beginners who want to avoid the hassle of recognizing and removing males. Go for it, as growing for the first time is difficult enought.

Drool all over your mailbox is a stupid give-away! Be patient, not obvious.

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