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Fall/Autumn 2009 Indoor Marijuana Seeds SALE

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High yielding, easy care grower tested indoor strains:

Cheese Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 55.00

Dear customer, because of the many requests we added Cheese marijuana seeds to our marijuana seeds catalogue.
All the characteristics of our beloved master kush with our super skunk strain mixed in. This produces a more controlled marijuana plant with larger buds. The smell and taste of the marijuana plant are increased but the high stays the same, very high. Cheese marijuana has a deep earthy flavor, very dominant. Strong body stoned and a happy giggly high. Makes me smile all the time and im like giggling soo bad. Cheese marijuana your instant smile.
Yeld: up to 700 gr/m2

Details: Cheese Marijuana Seeds

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Northern Light x Big Bud Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 45.00
Northern Light x Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

One of the oldest commercial strains, Big Bud, crossed with the great Northern Lights breeded from top marijuana seeds. Northern Lights x Big Bud hybrid delivers more big strong buds, more yields and more of that delightful Northern Light quality. When flowering it gives that great skunky-like smell.
Taste: Smooth and fresh, fruity taste.
High: The hybrids have always had high THC potential and this weed comes in with a "BANG!". Before you've finished half a spliff, you are already well and truly stoned!
Yeld: 500 gr/m2

Details: Northern Light x Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

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Shiva Shanti Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 45.00
Shiva Shanti Marijuana Seeds

Pungent Afghan smell. Short bushy plant, good yield and quality. This strain is named after Shiva, Hindu god of transformation, has some heritage from India and likes indoor cannabis seeds cultivation thus a good choice for the less experienced grower. Delicious taste. Like a cool mint chewing gum. Icy Shiva will freeze your inners. This is really nice weed. Strong and good for pre-bedtime sessions, be ready to be flattened.
Yeld: 500 gr/m2

Details: Shiva Shanti Marijuana Seeds

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White Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 110.00
White Queen Feminized

Her rich royal fragrance of most delicate perfume with her harmonious and delightful bouquet.
High: Intense stone. Very "physical", this gear races in and feels like you are on a bungee jump; no shitting, I stood up after a fat spliff, and my stomach dropped down to my shoes! This gets your heart pumpin'.
Yeld: up to 500 gr/m2

Details: White Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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White Widow Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 50.00
White Widow

The most rewarded variety of recent years in Holland. The plants are white of THC-glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves.
Taste: The flavour is refreshing and “cool” to the taste. There is a strong “burn” to this one when you smoke a big pipe or bong hit. If you can withstand the expansion of your lungs while you fight to hold it down, you’ve won the battle!
High: Great high: sharp and strong. Very quick hitting and a good combo of body high with a bit of uplifting high thrown in for good measure.
Yeld: 150-250 gr/m2

Details: White Widow Marijuana Seeds

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Cannaphrodisiac Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 70.00

Cannaphrodisiac is really powerful, she produces buds as big and as hard as a huge dong with a deep penetrating fragrance. Although Cannaphrodisiac is a crossbreed of indica and sativa, WhiteWidowSeeds managed to select those genetics with extreme high sativa influences and still maintain her indica early flowering qualitys, under good circumstances the Cannaphrodisiac will be ready to harvest within 50 days.
Yeld: 450 gr/m2

Details: Cannaphrodisiac Marijuana Seeds

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