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Super Skunk marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVE

Super Skunk is one of the most well-known marijuana strains in the world. Super Skunk is a Skunk 1 crossed with an Afghani marijuana. She delivers a physically powerful skunk taste and smell. Super Skunk is particularly developed for Skunk lover. Produces a very enjoyable high as well with a small body to it. Super Skunk been develop for first time marijuana growers. I'm overly excited as I'm sure you can tell and as I'm sure most other noobs like me are. I've never grown before but I bought my first grow book 15 years go! I've read 1000s of pages and I can tell you I've read a lot of problems people have and just the overall work involved in draining your tank adjusting your pH etc.


I'm using a 400W MH/HPS conversion ballast currently I have in the MH bulb.
I'm using a flood and drain system.
I flood 4x per day for 15 min.
The light is currently 18" away from the plants.

Here is what I've done so far:

Day 1 - Put seeds into Aerogrow system to germinate.

Day 2 - Checked the seeds they have not sprouted.

Day 3 - Nothing to report (purchased hdyroton and other stuff from grow store).

Day 4 - Morning / One of the marijuana seeds started to sprout today.

Day 5 - Evening / Put in the hydroton. Two seeds obviously sprouting, a third appears to be starting.

Day 6 - The two marijuana seeds seem to be doing really well, the third one I think is still sprouting, one is missing and the fifth one doesn't seem to be doing anything. It seemed best to put the seeds on the top of the sponge instead of in it. The temperature was about 81F.

Day 7 - Moved from the AeroGrow to the Grow Light. I added half strength marijuana fertilizers. Currently I'm flooding 4x per day. Added the pH down as needed.

Day 8 - The plants are doing ok. Checked the pH and it looks fine. Right in the designated range.

Day 9 - My plants have stopped growing! Probably because I added marijuana fertilizer way too early. First timer mistake. Going to change the rez. In 20 days I will add marijuana fertilizer.

Day 11 - I added in some DIY CO2 bottles.

Super Skunk marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVE Day 15 - It seems like my adding marijuana fertilizers too early stunted their growth, but I have since replaced the rez and flushed the system.. I'm doing my best to just leave it all alone.


Day 18 - Well my plants are looking pretty yellow today so I decided to cool the closet down by keeping the closet's room door open allowing more cool air to flow in. Also I noticed that adding the CO2 increased the temperature about 5 degrees. I was pushing into the 90s which was way to hot. I also lifted the lights about 5" to cool the closet down more and I figured the lights might be too close to the plants... anyway its hard for me to leave this alone, I have no patience but I guess I will learn some or my little plants will die.

Day 20 - I don't think my plants are getting enough water so I took out about half of the hydroton that was in the tub and replanted the plants. Hopefully they don't die.

Day 21 - I've added 1/4 marijuana fertilizer and replanted all 3 of the plants so they where closer to the bottom of the flood tray. I think I had way too much hydroton in there. my plants were not getting enough water. I had my flood pump on 30min 4x per day I have changed this to 15 minutes every other hour we will see how the plants respond.

Super Skunk marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVEDay 22 - One of my Super Skunk plants has really taken off. I am just going to leave things the way they are for the next 24 hours then I will add more water and marijuana plant food to the system. I might keep things at 1/4 strength while the other two plants recover.


Day 24 - Well two of my three plants appear to be recovering. The marijuana leaves are pointing up now and gaining a green color, the third plant could be dead already but I'm not sure. I will wait till tomorrow and see where we sit.

Day 26 - So I pulled one of the plants today because it was obviously not recovering. I also topped the other two plants. Anyway apparently I wasn't watering my plants enough and nearly killed them. The two plants who have survived my noob mistakes are FINALLY doing well..

Day 28 - I've finally uped my marijuana fertilizer to 100%. I'm currently watering once hour every 15 minutes my plants have been on this schedule for the last 7 days and seem to be loving it I see new growth every day.

Day 31 - The plants are still doing good, nothing new to report just growing growing growing, I haven't had to adjust my pH since I went to 100% marijuana fertilizer which is good.

Super Skunk marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVEDay 33 - I decided to try and do some supercropping. I'd say overall I did an ok job except I did break some branches off. Before today the door to the closet wasn't sealed and there was a lot of light coming in and out. Today we bought some light proof white curtains from wal-mart.



Super Skunk marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: VEGETATIVE
Super Skunk marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: FLOWERING
Super Skunk marijuana seeds grow from seed to harvest: HARVEST

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