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The History of Hemp

As we all know Marijuana legalization is on the rise through out the United States, it may be moving slow but the wagon is rolling. There are many different opinions on why suddenly Marijuana is being accepted as a common medicinal alternative but all of them are opinions. The fact of the matter is Marijuana should have never been made illegal to begin with. For those of us who might not know about the LONG history of our beloved Hemp Plant, I’ll give a brief history lesson.

Marijuana or Hemp usages date back to as early as the third Millennium B.C. and the United States’ first Marijuana law came about in 1619, wherein farmers from Jamestown Colony, Virginia were ordered to devote entire pieces of their land to growing and cultivating Indian Hemp. For the next 200 years these marijuana seeds growing laws were in place and farmers could actually be jailed for not growing hemp between 1963 and 1967. Hemp was a very valuable substance during these times because hemp made all the cloth materials needed during the war such as rope, clothing, canvases’, tents…the list goes on. In 1631 American colonies used hemp as currency, then later in 1776 Americas beloved Declaration of Independence was drafted on paper made from Hemp. In 1791 President Jefferson urged farmers to grow hemp instead of tobacco and referred to it as a “Necessity”. In the 1800’s Australia overcame two long famines by surviving off little more than marijuana seeds for protein and foliage for roughage. A United Stated census recorded 8,327 Hemp plantations in 1950. Henry Ford created ethanol fuel which was a cannabis based fuel source. He also built his famous Model-T car out of plastics made from hemp and was built to run off of this Hemp based ethanol fuel. Hemp was the only crop that Mr. Ford grew on his property assuming that Hemp would be the basis of his business.

It was not until 1910 that Hemp was first made illegal in Utah. This was due to the fact that the Mexican Revolution was started and a vast majority of the Help crops came from Mexico. With this growing animosity with Mexico, American cotton producers used this hatred to fulfill their own agenda. So in 1910 Utah was the first state to outlaw the cultivation of hemp with Wyoming and Texas soon to follow. By 1927 the entire United States had banned Hemp Cultivation, Which soon led to further advances in The Industrial Revolution.

When the Industrial revolution really stepped into play it brought along new chemicals and mechanical devices that would soon bring us oil. These new industries stepped into place to dictate what the new main resource for the 20th century would be. Soon oil would make Mr. Ford’s Hemp based ethanol obsolete. These new industries would also change the face of our Mother Earth forever. With this new mechanical onslaught all the Hemp based products were soon to be replaced. Paper was now made from trees, plastics from oil and a new type of rope was created called synthetic nylon. Then in 1938 by the request from the oil companies such as Du Pont and the Rockefellers, cannabis was completely outlawed all through out United States.

From here the lines between right are wrong are obviously crossed. The industries that were run by these millionaires, wanted the world to rely solely on their product. So trades were made and Hemp, now officially dubbed “Marihuana” became illegal. The word “Marihuana” first was adopted in the 1920’s referring to Hemp as a “DRUG”. The industry needed to divert the public’s attention away from the word “HEMP” due to its background and gear the publics focus on it being a “DRUG”, a drug called Marihuana (later changed to Marijuana). Most of the public hadn’t heard of Marihuana or what it was. So when the time came to pass the law to ban “Marihuana” cultivation, there were no Pro-Hemp supporters there because no one knew what Marihuana was. However towards the end of the court case a few supporters came, but it was by far too late the vote had been made.

Hemp, now called Marihuana was classified as a deadly drug along with cocaine and heroin. Who were the people that made this a reality? Two self indulged United States presidents, Nixon and Regan. Nixon created what is now referred to as “The War on Drugs”. Newspapers and televisions were flooded with Anti-Marijuana ads referring to the substance as a “Devils Food” with roots in hell. Remember they were referring to Marihuana the drug not its origin Hemp. So citizens everywhere were subliminally exposed to all these Anti-Marihuana ads and the messages they delivered.

One main line that was crossed to forward this War on Drugs was that the medical research that was conducted on Hemp and its effects was never exposed to the public. This medical researched revealed that Marihuana was not even close to being as harmful as heroin or cocaine. Marihuana was not nearly as addictive as heroin or cocaine. Marihuana doesn’t cause cancer and the most harmful thing about the plant is smoking the dried plant leaves. As you read now-a-days Marijuana/Cannabis has many medicinal purposes and they had the same medicinal purposes when this first medical study was done. What happen to all this Medical information you ask? It was forwarded to the president and after reading the study, he still pushed for Marihuana to be outlawed. All of these facts and the original Medical study can be found by searching public records.

Now the reason why the president actually neglected to accept that marihuana was more than useful we have no clue. However there are various opinions on the subject, some say it’s because we were going to war and needed a diversion from it so Marihuana was the chosen scapegoat. Some believe that by making Marijuana a crime the prison systems would become more populated and the US would receive more money. To back up this opinion I’ll include some laws made by Ronald Regan, Mandatory minimum drug sentences in 1986, Federal sentencing guidelines in 1987 and then the most outrageous The anti-drug abuse act of 1988 when sentenced “Drug Kingpins” to DEATH. As a result of these flawed drug policies initiated by then President Reagan, (and continued by Bush I, Clinton and Bush II) the number of those imprisoned in America has quadrupled to over 2 million. These are legacies that groups like “Families Against Mandatory Minimums” are still fighting today. Even George Shultz, Ronald Reagan's former secretary of state, acknowledged in 2001 that the War on Drugs is a flop.

Well if it was a flop or just plain ignorance we now live with the result of these ill-informed decisions. Our economy now pleads for environmental safety and for alternative energy sources. Did you know that Cannabis is the only plant that can support the energy needs of our economy and it is a completely renewable Source? If the TRUE facts would have been reveled years ago we might not be in this predicament. We cannot say that we haven’t profited from Industrial Revolution but it has brought us to where we are now. So now we are on a global search to find alternative energy sources and have created some very powerful devices such as wind and water generators. We have created light bulbs that use a lower wattage then what it produces, quadrupled the number of recycling centers, upgraded organic farming and countless other Eco friendly projects. Undoubtedly we are trying to make up for the years of neglect towards our Mother Earth. Weather or not we are going to be able to create a stable Eco friendly environment for our future generation is unclear.

What is clear is that oil is a death based industry and has caused nothing but war and inequalities. While a fuel economy based on growing Cannabis from marijuana seeds is one of life and creation. Society is now starting to look past Cannabis as a drug and see the potential in it both medically and environmentally.

Tatanka Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 55.00
Caramelicious Marijuana Seeds

The Legend of Tatanka the White Buffalo Two young Lakota Sioux went out to hunt. Along the way, the two men met a beautiful young woman dressed in white who floated as she walked. This holy woman brought a wrapped bundle to the people, giving a Canupa Sacred Pipe and teaching them how to use it to pray. With this holy pipe, you will walk like a living prayer, she said. The holy woman told the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe about the value of the buffalo, the women and the children.
Yeld: 550 gr/m²

Details: Tatanka Marijuana Seeds
Early Misty Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 35.00
Early Misty

Early Misty, White Widow's sister in an earlier maturing version. Misty has a medium strong aroma, one of the earliest in this collection. Hashy taste and aroma. Nice plant for european climates, an ideal choice for your balcony!
High: Misty is a relatively soft, fruity enjoyable smoke with an unmistakable White Widow heritage.
Yeld: up to 400 gr/m2

Details: Early Misty Marijuana Seeds
Haze Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 35.00

High: At first the high has you a bit OTT with short attention spans and all kinds of images rushing into your mind. After the “first wave”, if you settle down a bit, you can really get into a groove of creativity: Drawing, writing, making music or just thinking.
Yeld: up to 200 gr/m2

Details: Haze Marijuana Seeds

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