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Why Choose The Best Marijuana Seeds?

It's very important to start with good marijuana plant genetics. Marijuana seeds are very big part of a growers success.

So it's important to buy the best cannabis seeds based on your budget. Then based on their growth, taste and flowering characteristics. Different marijuana seeds for sale have different highs, growth patterns and flowering times.

It's best not to use seeds found in your marijuana buds. Purchase marijuana seeds for sale from a reputable seed bank. There are many reputable seed banks online.

Your marijuana seeds will be dark brown or light gray. Some of your cannabis seeds may have dark lines inset into these color, like tiger stripes.

There are many different ideas on what make the best cannabis seeds for new growers. If you are a first time marijuana grower it's best to find marijuana seeds for sale suitable for novice growers. Avoid difficult to grow marijuana seeds if this is your first time growing cannabis.

Skunk 1, Northern Lights and White Widow are three great marijuana strains to grow for novice growers.

Consumers have three kinds of marijuana seeds for sale to choose from, indica, sativa and a combination of the two.

Indica marijuana plants have a heavy, stony high that is tiresome. The indica marijuana plant is easily recognized by its extremely broad leaves that are very rounded on the sides.

Sativa marijuana seeds are harder to grow indoors due to higher ceiling requirements, lanky growth patterns and longer flowering times. However, the marijuana high is very spacey, uplifting and energetic. Very little sativa marijuana bud is around because of it's lengthy flowering time.

Sativas tend to be more tasty than indica marijuana plants. The sativa marijuana plant has very narrow, finger-like leaves. A hybrid will have qualities of both and have leaves that are a cross of these two types, thinner than an Indica, but much broader than a Sativa. It is possible to recognize a good hybrid by the leaves once you know what to look for.

Hybrids have been developed by experienced marijuana breeders. Chosen for their taste, high and growth characteristics. With the prohibition making growing indoors hazardous, it's best to plan your marijuana grow. Marijuana grow rooms can be built for little money. Or a grower can spend plenty of money.

When it comes to marijuana seeds for sale, the most expensive seeds aren't always the best marijuana seeds. Do reasearch, like reading online grow journals, specific to the marijuana strains you want to grow. Find out what other marijuana growers think before buying. It takes time to become a master marijuana grower.

Give yourself a break by choosng the best marijuana seeds for sale.

Caramelicious Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 50.00
Caramelicious Marijuana Seeds

I always wanted sweetest buds possible, so my choice of Caramelicious cannabis seeds, must tell you, this baby grew like charm, fantastic plant colors and yo so sweet smoke and happy high, man you did it!
Taste: It kind of burns you sweet and fruity-stylee on the way down your throat. Smoked best in a pure joint as the vapouriser was more like inhaling hot gases.
High: You start smiling and your eyes get trippy and very heavy. This effect is more of a buzzy, uppy high and not too heavy and "knock-out" feeling. It is very light yet steady.
Yeld: 450 gr/m2

Details: Caramelicious Marijuana Seeds
Amsterdam Indica Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 45.00
Amsterdam Indica Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Indica is an Afghan mixed with Northern Lights. Amsterdam Indica provides a Mango/citric like aroma.
High: For the moment I felt a bit heavy, like my feet were attached to the groung, like I was a tree or something. Just standing there and staring at the sun, I thounght: "Damn, I got baked!". But after a few minutes this mellow feeling carried my thoughts away. Remember to plan your fun time right, this can last for few hours.
Yeld: up to 400 gr/m2

Details: Amsterdam Indica Marijuana Seeds
Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds
10 SEEDS - EUR 90.00

This hardy marijuana type is a very popular marijuana strain. The unique marijuana smell is overwhelmingly pungent. This marijuana strain will stink up your grow-room. Use air filter. Cheese Feminized will finish marijuana flowering in 8 - 10 weeks. Overabundant yields. Compact marijuana plant structure makes this strain excellent for sea of green. Uplifting marijuana high. With mild body buzz. Mild spicy after taste. Produces beautiful marijuana colas. A fantastic marijuana strain for first time indoor marijuana growers.
Yeld: up to 700 gr/m2

Details: Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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