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Why Is My Marijuana Plant Growing Slow?

There's no worst feeling than a marijuana grower who is having difficulty with their marijuana seeds. Some marijuana strains naturally grow slow. While other marijuana seeds grow lightening fast. However, there are some things a marijuana grower will do to cause their marijuana seeds to grow slowly.

Here are some tips to ensure your marijuana seeds become healthy heavy yielding cannabis plants.


Many new marijuana growers overwater their cannabis plants believing to be helping them. Use the pot lift method to turn your marijuana seeds into heavy yielding buds. Overwatering will slowly suffocate your marijuana plants roots, preventing sufficient oxygen uptake and ultimately causing root rot.

Soil with high bark content

The marijuana seeds roots will not be able to grow through the bark, preferring to grow around the chunks of bark. This slows down root growth and most obviously plant growth.

Light deprivation

Although your marijuana plant may be receiving light, some marijuana seeds may require higher light levels of light than others. Not enough marijuana fertilizers or no marijuana fertilizers The marijuana plant is not receiving the necessary amounts of marijuana fertilize to sustain high growth rates. Large and mature plants require plenty of marijuana plant food.

Marijuana fertilizer lockup

Adding too much of one kind of marijuana fertilize can prevent one or more nutrients from reaching the marijuana plant.

Light spectrum

Light spectrum can have a dramatic effect on marijuana seed growth. Select a blue spectrum in the marijuana plant vegetative growth phase and red spectrum in marijuana flowering phase.


pH is too high or too low Purchase a pH meter to determine whether your marijuana fertilizer levels are incorrect. Hydroponics and aeroponics: 5.6-5.8. Soilless: 6.0-6.3 Soil: 6.5-7.0.

Low temperatures

Marijuana plant metabolism decreases at low temperatures. Optimum marijuana plant growth often requires close temperature regulation; daytime temperatures between 25C and 30C are preferred. Differences in daytime and nighttime temps should not be dramatic, as this difference may shock the marijuana plant.

Marijuana growers require plenty of patience to turn their marijuana seeds into bountiful yielding marijuana buds. Marijuana seeds grow much slower than most new indoor cannabis growers realize. You should notice change in your marijuana plants almost every day. If you suspect the marijuana plants are growing slower than you anticipated check the list to determine if you need to fix any of the simple problems.

Do not over compensate for slow growing marijuana seeds by adding to much water or marijuana plant food.

Allow your marijuana seeds to grow at their own pace.

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